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xRender app - CABINET VISION 2022
xRender app - CABINET VISION 2022
xRender app - CABINET VISION 2022
xRender app - CABINET VISION 2022

CABINET VISION 2022.1 Release

Following the major upgrades to the underlying codebase and database technologies included with Version 2022, the latest release of 2022.1 continues to drive customer productivity by offering new features and functionality that focus on time saving and automation, allowing customers to bring their designs more quickly into production.

Automatically dimension and display sectioned doors on Assembly Sheets 

Version 2022.1 adds the ability to display Sectioned Doors on Assembly Sheets to the xReporting Multiplier. In addition, customers now can configure dimensioning for Sectioned Doors. Previously a manual function, these improvements to handling of sectioned doors allow engineers to automatically communicate proper assembly for sectioned doors to shop personnel. 

Streamline designing beaded face frames 

For cabinetmakers who design or manufacture beaded frame cabinetry, this intelligent new feature will save loads of time. Now, when giving stiles, mid stiles, rails, and mid rails a ‘0’ width, the bead is smartly removed, allowing customers to achieve this popular look in a fraction of the time. 

New Measure button allows customers to skip the calculations 

Version 2022.1 adds a measure button to most dimensioning fields, allowing the picking of potentially unknown dimensions that would previously require manual calculation. This is a major time saving feature for both designers and engineers and is included in the core product.

Simplify working with multiple objects or CAD symbols with continuous drag and drop 

Version 2022.1 saves users even more time by simplifying the placement of multiple objects and CAD symbols. Users can now drag objects into a layout or a CAD symbol into a drawing and continue to place multiples of that object until they right click, making working with multiples much quicker. 

Quickly detail drawings with door profiles as 2D CAD symbols

All door profiles are now available as CAD symbols, giving detailers a much quicker method of producing detail drawings for profiled doors. Included with the x2D CAD multiplier, this new feature will streamline customers’ workflow.

Additional Features

Version 2022.1 also includes new conditions for drawer construction, the ability to copy drawing sheets. Plus various user experience improvements throughout the product.

Learn more about how CABINET VISION’s new features and flexible, customized, and cost-effective licensing can help your business grow: