CABINET VISION, a powerful design-for-manufacturing solution, and the Vortek Experience — a visualization tool for cabinet and closet manufacturers — will be presented April 14-16 at the Cabinets & Closets Conference & Expo 2015.

Hosted at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois, the event will feature the latest in woodworking machinery, CAD/CAM software, and more. It includes a one-day conference on April 14, and a two-day exhibition from April 15-16.

Attendees are encouraged to learn more about CABINET VISION and Vortek at booth No. 124, where demonstrations of productivity-boosting features in each solution will be available.

Designed as a virtual showroom, Vortek enables users to present an unlimited number of models designed within CABINET VISION that showcase any number of realistic styles, tex-tures and materials. The virtual tool’s personalization capabilities render complete kitchens and/or closets in 1:1 perspective, empowering customers to better visualize the end result.

Taking the desires of clients into consideration, users can incorporate specific textures, fin-ishes, walls and floors with a few simple hand gestures. Vortek is a unique presentation tool for designers and manufacturers who seek to stand out from the competition and enhance the buying experience for their customers.

Also available for Vortek is a Web-based component that assists manufacturers in enabling customers to visualize the end result by interacting with styles, textures and materials via a Web browser. Additionally, a Vortek iPad application is available for those who seek to take their visualization tools to the job site.


Part of the Vero Software Group, CABINET VISION is a unique solution for manufacturers in the woodworking industry. Its products help enable any furniture or cabinet manufacturer to fully automate and integrate its design through improved manufacturing processes and greater efficiency. In addition to producing significant time savings, CABINET VISION elimi-nates costly mistakes and increases productivity.

About Vortek

Distributed by CABINET VISION, Vortek Experience is an innovative solution that enables manufacturers to display their products to customers in an immersive, 3D virtual reality en-vironment. Vortek is designed to help existing and potential clients better visualize the fin-ished product, thereby accelerating the sales process.

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