Delegates Learn CABINET VISION’s Flagship Updates

CABINET VISION users say a number of seminars around the UK have been invaluable in showing them how to use the flagship new functions in what is described as the “biggest ever” update of the software.

With over 100 items of new and enhanced functionality in CABINET VISION V9, Senior Support Engineer Dave Roberts says woodworking companies can now take their business to the next level.  

“CABINET VISION is now a very different piece of software, as users can put models into the system and operations into materials, for the first time, all of which can be shown graphically. This is one of the biggest releases ever, and, as such, we planned these seminars to show customers how to use the new features, so they can get the very best from their software investment.”

A point echoed by designer Ruth Lovelock, who attended a seminar with two of her colleagues from bespoke furniture and architectural joinery company Hetherington Newman. “We can see today how to utilise the new functionality to make our lives easier and work more efficiently.” Once a survey has been completed, and after establishing the kitchen design from an empty floor plan, they add the cabinets into CABINET VISION.

For sole trader Glyn Burgreave, the software’s powerful rendering feature is a vital part of his sales process. “While flat drawings of elevations are important, customers love seeing a 3D image of how their cabinets will look in situ.  The better the render, the greater chance I’ll get the job. It gives a real Wow factor.”

Dave Roberts explained to delegates how to import 3D Sketchup and 3D DXF models. “This gives the functionality to apply all the associated operations to the model and provide accurate visuals to complement the already accurate machining data.

“V9 also sees a major improvement to the material database, giving greater flexibility in organising materials. Woodworkers can now create material categories and sub categories, and carry out quick material searches. The improved user interface is more in line with Windows Explorer, making it easier to manage and maintain the material database.”

Delegates also learned how to generate faster reports, thanks to the Integrated Reporting Engine, which has replaced the standard version....along with understanding 43 new bid methods; how a New Connect Tool creates a 0” fillet; how the CAM editor can reverse toolpaths on operations such as circles, arcs and lines; and a new utility for defining moulding profiles.

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