“ALPHACAM can make our machine sing.”  “CABINET VISION has transformed our business. We can very quickly and easily supply cabinetry exactly to our customers’ specifications.”

Those are comments from just two of the hundreds of visitors to the Vero Software stand at W16. Over 340 strong leads were taken across the two brands, and both of them reported record sales, with CABINET VISION and ALPHACAM signing orders with new customers not known to them before the show.

CABINET VISION Product Business Manager Marie Cassidy says visitors went to the stand with specific queries and looking for specific solutions. “They were interested in the number of different applications that the software can be used for…and the fact that their designs can be integrated seamlessly with virtually any machine on the market.”

And Michael Pettit, ALPHACAM’s EMEA Sales Manager, says: “Behind every efficient CNC machine is a good CAM system – and ALPHACAM is that system for woodworking companies who want to exploit the full potential of their machine tools.” ALPHACAM works closely with a number of machinery OEMs, and W16 was the perfect venue to show manufacturers how those partnerships work in the ‘real world,’ with several joint live demonstrations.

Both brands used W16 to highlight features in their forthcoming releases – with CABINET VISION showing Material Manager and Screen to Machine links for quick and easy solutions to producing machine-ready code; and ALPHACAM focusing on its ability to optimise and automate CNC programming to increase a company’s productivity. “While CNC routers are now commonplace in woodworking companies, they are under-utilised in a lot of cases, due to the inability to program efficiently,” says Michael Pettit. “ALPHACAM is a powerful and easy--to-use tool, enabling manufacturers to fully exploit the potential of their CNC investment.”

He says considerable interest was shown in ALPHACAM’s automation tools for automatically processing CAD files, whether 2D or solid parts and assemblies. “Many joinery companies use more than one CAD system, and want ALPHACAM to be the CAM link to their CNC machines.”

For CABINET VISION, Marie Cassidy says W16 is a significant exhibition, showcasing them amongst all the machinery brands, and reinforcing their position as part of the Vero Software stable – the world’s number one CAM vendor. “There were live demonstrations on the show floor, with machinery partners recommending us and directing their customers to us.”   

Additional visitor comments about CABINET VISION: “I didn’t know CABINET VISION could do that” (during a demonstration showing its ability to move cabinet parts and operations dynamically); “CABINET VISION makes changing our manufacturing style very easy – we can change from assembled cabinets to flat pack furniture with one click, with no mistakes.”

Additional visitor comments about ALPHACAM: “I’ve been using ALPHACAM for 25 years, and we’d be out of business without it”; “We have a number of CNC machines from different suppliers and ALPHACAM allows us to be extremely flexible with respect to which machine we choose to run. The ALPHACAM file can be exported to any machine depending on capacity at that given time”; “We’ve had a CNC for years, but we only really started using it when we got ALPHACAM.”



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